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Parent Testimonials

I really commend you! Because the point of a tutor is to get the student to have the skills and confidence to work independently and not to be on going crutch for the student. Nice to see that it works! Congrats again and I am sure we'll be in touch.

As always, I think you have very good read on the situation. I think it's unfolding as we discussed, whereby, my daughter is feeling confident to "fly solo". Well that's a job well-done Carmela! You have given her the tools and confidence to go at it alone. I also like the concept of celebrating her accomplishments yet leaving the "door open". That's the best scenario.

...you helped my daughter when she was in grade school and high school. I looked up your website because I was recommending someone here at work to you. I just wanted to you know that Lauren is now a certified surgicial technician. She graduated from Nassau Community College with her certificate in June and I am amazed at what she has accomplished because a lot of her studying was intense and detailed and I know she had to work very hard to pass all her tests. Best of all she loves what she is doing. I can't thank you enough because without you and your help she would have been lost. You are always in our prayers and I wish you continued success in helping other children.

I have been meaning to call you and tell you our success story! My daughter has started her first year at College! She is Pre Med and swimming. She still talks about you, and all you did for her so many years ago! Her word has always been "determined" and still is, She graduated high school, with a full International Baccalaureate course load under her belt! She is a hard worker who learned at such a young age from such a wonderful teacher (you) that with love, kindness and perservience one can accomplish anything. I know that you would be very proud of all of her accomplishments to date. My oldest son is also doing wonderfully, He is now a sophomore in High School and also a swimmer. And last but not least my is the youngest is now 14 yrs old, and having a great year in school. He plays football and was a starter for Junior High this past season. People come and go in our lives, but Carmela you are one of the very special ones that this family will never forget. We were all so young back then. I remember the first time I met you, I was scared, and worried about my little girl and what her pre K teacher was telling us...I do not know where we would be today with out you. I know that you changed our lives for the better and I just wanted to say thank you !

Dear Carmela,

I would like to express how excited I am that my son, Max is participating in the Listening Program. As always throughout his life, we have developed a "plan" to include non-invasive ways in which to further his opportunities at learning. This includes social interaction, academics, physical and emotional development. He has grown, and not only survived, but thrived with the different programs he has partaken in. I have taken copious notes while he is using the Listening Program, with data at the start marking his position within all of the areas we were hoping to improve. These included social interactions with peers, and family, academic progress in his comprehensive and expressive writing skills, and an opportunity to lessen his anxiety with regard to his "view" on performance, thus building self-esteem. Well, I need to tell you some specific incidents that have occured within the last two months. I have dutifully edited his papers for homework for the past 6 years, and have had to rewrite most of his thoughts as they have the content but not clarity or comprehension needed to follow a story path. The last few essays he has given me, have only needed minor spelling mistakes and a few bits of re-write. I am amazed looking back at his schoolwork from Sept. to now and see, literally, in black and white, the definitive progress made in this area. Hand in hand with this seems to be his ability to manage his anxiety about testing and test outcomes. I find he is thinking more clearly on his expectations for his schoolwork and how to obtain them.
More so, Max has begun a new pattern of socializing with his family at dinner, initiating conversation, stating observations about other family members and asking pertinent questions about their well-being. He has shown spontaneous emotional feelings for family that I can only tell you, have warmed my heart. I remember distinctly hoping, while he was a small boy, for just a recognized "Hello Mom".
But the best for last Carmela, Max told me on the way home from school, that he had asked a girl, (a senior girl) to the prom!!. (She said YES!) Anyone that has experienced running a marathon can relate to the long journey we have taken to come to this place. a place where regular, everyday social conventions are taken for granted. I cry with joy over these simple progressions. I am convinced, scientifically, and as a mother, that his forward developments are attributable to his participation in this phenomenal program.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and loving ways all these years. You have been an integral person in my son (and I) lives.
As always, the best,