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Dr. Luckers' Website

Dr. Jay Lucker, Ed.D., CCC-A/SLP, FAAA

Dr. Jay R. Lucker is an audiologist and speech-language pathologist in private practice specializing in auditory processing disorders, with offices in Alexandria, VA; Bethesda, MD; and Long Island, NY. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders processing for over 30 years providing assessment, parent/school consultations, clinical and educational interventions and research. He is president, chairman of the board, and co-founder of the National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders (NCAPD). Dr. Lucker has developed a unique approach to APD that he has utilized and modified over the past 30 years. This approach integrates auditory, language, cognitive, and emotional factors and focuses on what a child's auditory processing test results reveal to determine how and why the child is having difficulty processing auditory-verbal information. Dr. Lucker is a nationally-known presenter and a widely published author on the topic of auditory processing disorders.


Dr. Alderman's Website

Dr. Loraine Alderman, Psy.D

Loraine Alderman graduated with a bachelor of science degree from Brooklyn College, Summa Cum Laude. She was granted a doctorate in psychology from Pace University, with a concentration in school/community psychology. She is a New York State licensed clinical psychologist, holds a permanent certification as a school psychologist in New York State and is a licensed school psychologist for New York City Public Schools. Dr. Alderman has worked as a school psychologist in the Amityville, Plainview-Old Bethpage and Herrick's school districts. She is currently a psychologist for the New York City Board of Education. Her experience in the field has included evaluating students receiving special educational services, evaluation of new students seeking services, crisis intervention, classroom consultations and formulation of behavior modification plans. At Humanistic Consultants, Dr. Alderman evaluates students to determine why a student is having difficulty performing in school. Her focus is to advocate for children and adolescents with learning disabilities. She was voted Best Psychologist by the readers of the Long Island Press for 2007, 2008, 2009 and was nominated in 2010. Along with Dr. Jay Lucker and Harvey Edell, Dr. Alderman co-authored the book Don't You Get It? Living With Auditory Learning Disabilities: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, Shadow Publishing (2008).


Mary Beth Rocchio, LMSW

Mrs. Rocchio brings to these groups her many years of experience as a Jericho Middle School teacher of an inclusion classroom. Following her career as a classroom teacher, Mary Beth studied clinical social work and became a Licensed and Certified Clinical Social Worker. She has served as a consultant through NYU to NYC schools to develop peer-mentoring groups for the first classroom with ASD children. Presently, she provides therapy to special needs students at the Vincent Smith School, and has developed a unique format for social skills groups, which she has provided for the past several years in her private practice. Located in Huntington, her practice focuses on children, families, and parenting. She also affiliates with Humanistic Consultants, Inc., is a member of the Social Emotional Learning Forum on Long Island, and advocates for bringing Emotional Learning into the classroom.


Robert Panza

Robert is a licensed special education teacher, school psychologist, and mental health counselor in New York State. He is employed as a full-time school psychologist in the New York City public schools, where he provides counseling services to special needs children and their parents or guardians. Robert has developed and maintained behavior management programs for children classified with emotional disturbance, autism, and mental retardation. At Humanistic Consultants, Robert works with families to provide a nurturing environment where children can reach their potential.