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Humanistic Consultants distinguishes itself from other learning centers by insuring that we do NOT :

  • Treat our students as if they are all the same.
  • Create more work, pressure, and stress.
  • Focus on test preparation or specific tasks that make a student meet a criteria and appear successful without developing long term achievement.
  • Create a dependent learner.

Humanistic Consultants DOES focus on :

  • Providing academic and life coaches who structure routines and exercises that hone in on the skills of the individual student.
  • Translating new and difficult material into a format that is easily understood by the student.
  • Using research and scientifically proven teaching methods to make a difference.
  • Helping a student to become open to self evaluationof the work methods.
  • Providing repeated opportunities to practice new methods.
  • Creating an environment where it is safe to make mistakes.
  • AND FINALLY, but pehaps most importantly...
  • Being cheerleaders who use positive approaches to support the student in his or her educational journey.

Why Be Positive?

Self esteem not only makesfor a better learning experience but a better learner. We find that a positive approach leads to a student who is open to learning new things, motivated, and able to self advocate. Learning is a gift developed over time and each step in that journey should be celebrated. Students should also be celebrated and should know as much about the process as possible. This leads us to our ultimate goal.

Self Awareness

We at Humanistic Consultants have a primary goal for each and every student with whom we work. That goal is to improve self awareness. It is impossible to completely know oneself, but it is possible to increase the scope of one's self perception. It has been proven by philosophers, psychoanalysts and poets alike that a student who knows his or her strengths, as well as those areas that need improvement, is much better equipped to learn and to navigate life. A self-aware student will come to understand the value of an education and that they have the ultimate say in how successful their education is.