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Humanistic Consultants, Inc.
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Mineola, NY 11501
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Mission Statement:

Humanistic Consultants is dedicated to helping struggling students and their families, by providing educational programs for students whose needs range from those who benefit from tutoring in specific academic subjects to those who experience disabilities which interfere with learning through traditional methods. Our objective is to help students achieve their goals using methods and strategies designed for the individual student and family. We also help parents bring Humanistic Consultants' strategies into their homes. We work to improve the lives of all who pass through our doors through improved learning processes, self esteem, self awareness and self advocacy.


Humanistic Consultants was founded in 1981 by Carmela Granata-Bernacchio, CCC-SLP, to help improve the lives of families on Long Island. Humanistic Consultants is affiliated with the not-for-profit Parent and Child Education (PACE) program, which holds parent education seminars in the offices of Humanistic Consultants and locations convenient to the community. Humanistic Consultants provides programs that address all aspects of human learning and parenting.  We diagnose, support, and program intervention for students who are facing academic and social difficulties.

Who We Serve:

Individuals often do not meet their potential. Fear and confusion results when they, their families, and their teachers are unable to pinpoint the reason for this lack of achievement. Many tasks which most consider “simple” may become a challenge and create stress.   Some examples of these tasks are difficulty following directions, participating in social activities, expressing ideas, taking tests, or focusing on tasks. These difficulties are often symptoms of a “root problem”.   Root problems may include disorders in executive function, visual, auditory or language processing, attention deficit disorder, non-verbal language disorder, autism spectrum disorders, speech or language disorders or language delays.  Adults who have suffered head trauma, stroke, hearing loss or speech impairment can also find help at Humanistic Consultants. At Humanistic Consultants, our educators, psychologists and consultants explore the symptoms and then formulate programs that address the root problem or disorder.  Our priority is to make the environment at Humanistic Consultants emotionally safe and nurturing as we endeavor to help children and adults perform to their fullest potential.